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At Hopevana we offer premium NDIS services across Sydney as well as Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Our ultimate and primary goal is to provide compassionate healthcare elegance to a point where its not only about being the best you - its also entangled with an experience, an experience of being cared for where you never feel hopeless again.

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TJ was warm, personable and had excellent knowledge of my condition. He was extremely patient and helped guide me through a tough time in my life. I've been to many physiotherapists but TJ is among the best of them. Highly recommend his clinic and services to anyone looking for an authentic, empathetic and trustworthy physiotherapist.

- Ted Dao

Having seen a few physios in the past, I had my doubts in trying another clinic in fear they would not address my issues. After visiting the clinic and having my issues resolved, I couldn't have been more wrong. Jay is extremely knowledgeable and approached my issues in a holistic manner which has given me the best results. Jay explained my condition (chronic back pain and unilateral dysfunction on the right side of my body) to me which made the rehabilitation process that much easier. He really focused on resolving all my dysfunctions that was causing me pain as opposed to just single fixes. Jay is also really nice and made the whole experience a joy. Overall, my experience at Hopevana has been life changing. It has allowed to go back to living life pain free and continue powerlifting.

- Kenan Ozdemir

I don't exaggerate when I say that Pera is the best Physiotherapist I've ever been to! I had inflamed wrists and my hand did hurt so much for 2 months I couldn't work in my office anymore. So I made an appointment and Pera collected all Information and we just talked about my pain and history. He gave me some massage and acupuncture and told me what I can do my own at home. After only one session I was able to work again without pain. After 2 month pain it was gone with only 1 session. Now a week later. I still have barely any pain. Pera is an magician :) He also is very nice to talk to and you feel comfortable. I'd go always again to him and will never change my therapist again.

- Ozkan Kompass

First of all, this review is long overdue!! I came into the clinic in so much pain in my back. I’ve had back pain for several years but it had been the worst just before I had seen jay. From my first step into the clinic I was greeted with a hopeful face. I have been to several physio clinics before but this place was definitely on the highest caliber of customer service and care but I’m getting ahead of myself. jay created a road map. Yes a road map of my issues and what I needed to do to get better, that was the first part of the consult. He then drew and created a plan for me for us to follow to get me to where I need to be. He started of with a hands on approach NO MACHINES and doesn’t leave you to tend to other patients it’s pure 1 on 1 with maximal attention. I felt relief I had never felt before in my first session. I am now 5 sessions in and my back pain is GONE. The versatility and proficiency is so impressive. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like with NO pain but now it’s a reality and I feel great. There’s nothing like the service that jay provides out there in the industry. From professionalism , to knowledge to common courtesy to checking up on me throughout the week I cannot recommend this place enough. I am now managing my strength independently as he has set me up with a strength program and progressing well. Jay is a top person as well as a great listener. I’m happy knowing that whatever niggle I do have if they arise I’ll be looked after. Thank you again Jay.

- Serkan Tahsin

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