We Understand

Haven’t we all experienced pain in our lives whether in our back, neck, or shoulder? Isn’t it true that we often ignore this pain hoping it goes away and at times it does! (does that mean we have a special healing power? - Maybe?) but, how often does it come back, or more so comes back even worse? You are then stuck figuring out the right person to help you solve your problem. You may be asking yourself; do I have to live with this pain forever? Is it going to be expensive? Do they know what they’re doing, do they even care about me?

A feeling of hopelessness can soon creep in.

We have experienced this time and time again and we think it’s safe to say so has literally everyone else.

You'll enjoy affordable premium physiotherapy services to simply get your body to a moment in time where you felt amazing, confident, enriched and happier. Let's say you don't get better at all (yes cats out of the bag - we don’t have a magic wand to make all problems disappear!) within 2 sessions, the next session is provided by us, at our expense. Having gained the trust of 1000's of locals and many Local Doctors trusting us to care for their patients. It’s safe to say that the hope you’ve been looking for is just Around the corner.

Making the Change - Ease Your

Pain &
Lack of

Making the Change - Regain

Better quality
of life
Ability to do
what you love

New Patients FAQ

Do I need a referral to see a physiotherapist?

No, A Gp referral is not required in order to see the team at Hopevana as a private patient.

Yes, To do this a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM) (formerly Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC)) must be attained from your GP. You are eligible for 5 physiotherapy visits a year depending on your doctors assessment. We are a bulk bill practice so you do not need to pay out of your pocket.

Yes, we are SIRA registered and are eligible to accept workers compensation and Motor Vehicle Accidents Claims. We also specialize in assessing and treating work cover/CTP cases

Our fees are dependent on the length of consultation required. Generally, the initial consultation is 45 Min, with 30 min for follow up consultations.

We generally like to have a full 45 min initial for your first visit to accurately get to know your story and the root cause of your issue, particularly if you have been suffering from a chronic condition.

As a guide, our fees range from $80 for a standard 45-minute consultation and the follow up 30 min consultation being only $70.

Each health fund depending on the level of cover and type of insurance will cover different amounts. However, we are able to give you a rough quote of how much your health fund will cover for the session through swiping your card. Our clinic is equipped with the latest HICAPS terminal for instant processing of private health fund rebates. Please bring your health fund card with you so you will only have to pay the gap.

It is preferred to wear comfortable clothing that will allow your physiotherapist to see/access the injured area as this is required to properly assess and diagnose your injury. As your modesty and privacy is of the utmost importance to us there are gowns, towels and shorts available at our clinic.

This is purely dependent on your condition. Acute conditions may take 1-3 sessions whereas chronic conditions such as osteoathritis could up to 8-12 sessions to get you back to an optimal state. It is our priority to create an in-depth plan for you at the initial consultation to inform you of exactly what’s required to get you back to doing what you love. Not only will you have a plan but you will know exactly what is happening in regards to your diagnosis so you don’t have to google anything yourself or left wondering what the actual issue is.

We do not leave you in a room with a heat pack or electrophysical agent. We believe that a hand-s on approach is vital in restoring you to your optimal functionality. Our recovery system values

A personnel 1 on 1 approach is valued where we cater to your issue by listening to your story and carving your recovering plan based on your needs and your specific goals to get you back to doing what you love.

Yes. There are plenty of convenient parking spots is available Infront of Homebush station. We are conveniently located right Infront of Homebush station which makes it easy or those that take public transport.