Physiotherapy at Hopevana is altogether different from what you’ve experienced or heard of. We use modern hands on treatment combined with our expert knowledge in movement biomechanics to help you recover from any injury or pain you may have. Aim is simple – Pain free.

We are fortunate at Hopevana to have access to the latest technology in healing, with the use of Shockwave as a fast, reliable and quick way to diminish pain symptoms. Shockwave therapy utilizes powerful soundwaves that lead to immediate pain relief and a fast-tracked healing process. Its safe to say results have been astonishing with the use of this machine, and to top it off this is only part of the session where it wont take more than 2-3 mins, so we have plenty of time to also utilize all our other proven methods to get you back to that state you love.

An ancient technique utlized by the chinese years ago, where healing pathways are opened with the use of this technique. Most people wonder if this is painful and the answer is not at all. We use sterile-single use needles to help you relieve tension, reduce pain, stress and any other concerns you may have that can be benefited by acupuncture.

We are born with pre-installed habits that can lead to faulty movement patterns in life. Neuro-kinetic therapy is a modern and high effective assessment & and treatment protocol which helps us find the root cause of your issues by seeing if the brain and its pathways are blocking any muscle activity. It is in addition a great way to re-sync your body.

At Hopevana we deliver premium exercise programming with clinicians backed with extensive exercise prescription backgrounds. What we’ve noticed is that people are busy and although exercise is vital in recovery, people just don’t seem to find the time. Our New system at Hopevana lessens the time one may exercise at home substantially whilst gaining great effects and improvements.

You may have a newly diagnosed fracture and don’t know where to get this sorted. At Hopevana we are your solution where we make custom splints as well as provide all fracture tools you may need such as a camboot or slings. In addition, we are also trained in the application of Kinesio-tape which is the stretchy tape which commonly you may see athletes wear on their shoulder or knee. It is a great tool to provide stability and awareness of your joints – and of course helps you with your journey to pain free.

Fascia is a web of connective tissue just underneath the skin that connects various muscles to each other. You may be wondering why we place importance on this. Imagine a crinkled up shirt right out of the washing. If you have an injury, fascia that is nicely woven flat can be crinkled like the shirt mentioned before. This can lead to muscle and movement dysfunction. We use our extensive knowledge of the anatomy of fascia and dedicated protocols to help re-sync your body where you feel lighter and enhance your body alignment.