Jay Raveendran


  • Food: Pizza

  • Hobby : Spiritual Growth, Meditation and Self development

  • Tv Show: Fresh Prince of Bel-air

  • Favorite word: Hope

A Bit About Me

Being in the health industry for over 5+ years as a Physiotherapist, I started to understand that compassion driven quality service was lacking. It seems like a race to who can acquire the most financial gain. Taking time to understand the story of the person in front of you, their strife, or their strengths can unlock great health outcomes, however I noticed repetitively that this was missing. It was for this reason I founded Hopevana to offer compassionate health care delivery so that hope finds its way back into peoples lives again.

I attained my Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney and have gained years of experience in the field of private practice and the disability sector. My specialty is in treating Back and Neck pain where I have a passion for all things “the spine”. I have undergone further studies – some of which includes Neuro-Kinetic Therapy, Fascial Therapy, Mulligans and McKenzie treatment Methods. In addition I have also undertaken a certified course on Neuro-Linguistic programming. It allows for me to truly understand your struggles or grievances by allowing me to communicate with you effectively to help improve your confidence, fears and mood levels.

My ultimate goal is to utilize a holistic approach into getting you back to where you need to be. I listen to your story, gain insight into the core root of your issue to design a recovery plan that will place you in a position in life where you felt whole again. I value commitment, and at Hopevana we will not give up on you.

Work Cover, NDIS & DVA approved Provider