• Jay Ryan Raveendran

3 barriers NDIS participants face preventing them from reaching their true potential.

The world of disability is not properly understood.

The irony behind that statement leads to the question, "why not?" aren't we all humans?

Maybe its as simple as looking at people as human beings nothing more nothing less.

As a therapist working with the NDIS population I was quick to realize that there is something that I was missing at my initial stages in my career. I was watching many health care providers in the space function like they were very separated from their clients. This distance made me question the very idea of health care. I was looking for answers on how to deliver efficient health care that was powerful yet lasting.

Time went on and I realized many were forgetting one simple truth. We are all human beings. Why are we not behaving in accordance with this statement if it is so true?

Looking at people as human beings, accepting and understanding their pain, flaws, joys, ups and downs gave me a vivid clear picture on who they are and what they exactly need in regards to health care. It gave me the ability to give a well-rounded & potent form of care that was more powerful than standardized physiotherapy.

The three barriers that prevent NDIS participants from reaching their true potential are as follows

  1. Lack of Self Belief

  2. Not understanding their mental health issues

  3. Lack of a bridge between the client and the therapist.

In the video below we discuss how these barriers affect the participant.

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